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Automation is Key and Absolute Software Absolutely Understands That.

What’s the point of developing a new version of existing software? Well quite frankly to improve on said software, and Absolute Software has done just that with their Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution Absolute Manage 6.1.

With the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) making MDM even more of a daunting task for IT Departments and IT Security Professionals Absolute Software is taking sets to ease part of that task. The key term and feature to those steps is Automation. Absolute Manage 6.1 is making BYOD a more viable and manageable option for IT Departments by automating the employee enrollment process so they do not have to register each device on a case by case basis. Techvibes reported that this automation extends to Application Management by installing or removing apps based on device status or employee role as well as automated alerts, device demotion, turning off roaming data, and sending messages to specific users.

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