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A Colorful (and Currently Empty) Box Raises $9.5 Million to Solve Mobile Security

Mobile Security Startup Bluebox Raises $9.5 million

Mobile Security Startup Bluebox Raises $9.5 millionHow hot is the mobile security space? Well a startup called Bluebox just announced a $9.5 million funding round and haven’t even launched a product yet. They are not saying much but it is clear that Bluebox does not feel there is a solid solution to conquering enterprise mobility security. Stating that, “enterprise security on mobile is an unsolved problem, and frankly, in need of innovation” they have recently received $9.5 million in funding to bring that innovation to the market.

Bluebox is keeping quiet about what their product will actually offer, but with the rise in enterprise mobility and mobile devices entering the work place they are, “developing the next evolution in enterprise security technology”. With the mindset that mobile use in the enterprise is growing but security surrounding those new devices is not keeping up, Bluebox CEO and cofounder Caleb Sima says, “The technology is not anything you’ve seen before.” Read the eSecurity Planet article to see what else is being said about Bluebox.

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