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BYOD and the Hidden Expenses You Should Know

BYOD Market Growing

The Hidden Costs of BYODBring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are certainly a hot trend in enterprises across the globe. The perceived benefits realized through BYOD range from employee satisfaction, workforce productivity to corporate cost savings. The last benefit stems from the assumption that the enterprise will in fact save money by not taking a hit on the purchase of the actual hardware or device. While this may be the case, for the enterprise costs do not simply stop after the device is purchased in a BYOD environment and enterprise should be very aware of some of the looming costs that will come.

In a recent BlackBerry blog post Enterprise Content Strategist Joe McGarvey focuses on that assumption highlighting a few of these “hidden” costs and writes, While the reasoning behind that theory is understandable, it could be based on false assumptions and, perhaps, some wishful thinking.” A quick summary of the costs that corporations should be aware of looks like this:

Monthly voice and data – “Even if businesses are not paying for employees’ phones, chances are they are absorbing all, or a portion of, monthly voice and data plans through a reimbursement program, which can be significantly more expensive than the device.”

Management Complexity – “A wide-open BYOD policy, which will need to support potentially dozens of different devices, operating systems and versions of operating systems, could introduce management complexity that far exceeds device and application management costs associated with a more controlled number of end user devices.”

Security lapses – “Though no organization is ever completely protected from the leakage or theft of corporate data or intellectual property, the level of protection delivered by a more conservative mobile device policy is often higher than what can be reasonably expected in a BYOD environment.”

Legal expenses – “Another unexpected BYOD bill could come due in the form of legal fees. Though their severity varies from country to country, the financial penalties associated with compliance or regulatory-related violations often fall into the six-figure range”

Click here to read the full blog post from BlackBerry and to understand more on these hidden expenses that can be associated with BYOD and the cost saving assumptions associated with these programs.

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