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Rock MDM Sock MDM Battle: Good Technology vs. MobileIron

Mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip? New York Style Pizza vs.Chicago Deep Dish? Team Edward vs. Team Jacob from Twilight? And now we have Good Technology vs. MobileIron in a debate for the ages being brought to us by InformationWeek. They brought together two of the leaders in the area of Mobile Device Management (MDM) to discuss their opinions, products and differentiators.

Ojas Rege, Vice President of Strategy, from MobileIron and John Herrema, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, from Good Technology “have at it” in this debate on Mobile Device Management. They discuss their approaches to MDM, what they think is most important to the user and organization and what each offers in their products to allow for secured and reliable MDM.

Ojas Rege says, “one person matter…the user” and talks about how it is important to figure out how to let the user have the experience they want while being able to secure that device properly. We also hear the two discuss how they have approached all the new technology and operating system that are popping up at an alarming rate. So who was the winner of this great debate? Check out the InformationWeek video and a bunch of others that we have hand-picked on our Solutions Review Mobile Device Management Videos Page.

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