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Defense Department’s New Mobile Device Plan Features Fixmo Technology

Department of Defence and BYOD Fixmo MDM

Department of Defence and BYOD Fixmo MDMThe Department of Defense (DoD) is currently testing a new Mobile Device Management system that is expected to be operational in January 2014.  The DoD has more than 600,000 mobile device users, ranging from General Martin Dempsey – chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to policy makers and enlisted soldiers on the battlefield.

In order to capitalize on the full potential of mobile devices, DoD developed a Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan.  The plan, which was announced this past February, supports the Defense Department’s June 2012 Mobility Strategy.  The Commercial Implementation Plan establishes an outline to give the department’s mobile device users secure mobile solutions and to foster the development and use of mobile applications.  The implementation plan also focuses on improving: mobile applications, mobile devices, and wireless infrastructure.

The new implementation standard is enabled by mobile security firm Fixmo.  The technology offered by Fixmo allows mobile users to digitally sign encrypted emails and log into back-end systems using their Common Access Cards, according to DoD chief marketing officer Tyler Lessard.

“As today’s DoD personnel increasingly rely on mobile technology as a key capability enabler for joint force combat operations, the application of mobile technology into global operations, integration of secure and non-secure communications, and development of portable, cloud-enabled capability will dramatically increase the number of people able to collaborate and share information rapidly,” says DoD CIO Teri Takai.

Pentagon officials are hoping that the new plan will allow a wider variety of mobile devices to become available for members of the military.  If implemented properly, the mobile system will increase security for mobile devices so they can be used for carrying and sharing classified information.  With the mobility upgrades, DoD members can securely use technologically advanced mobile devices to improve personal productivity and reduce costs.

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