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The Department of Defense is Defending their own Mobile Infrastructure with MDM

Can you think of a group that would need to secure and management both personal and department owned mobile devices the United States Department of Defense (DOD)?  We are guessing there is a bit more high priority data and information in their databases then just Grandma’s secret meatloaf recipe. In any case this highlights the spread of mobility and the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, and the necessity to make sure those devices are protected and secured through Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies.

InformationWeek recently reported that according to the DOD there are more then 250,000 commercial mobile devices being used by the military. With continuing development and use of mobile applications and the need create an infrastructure capable of handling millions of mobile devices, the DOD is putting serious action against MDM strategies and policies. “The DOD is looking to establish a mobile device management service to optimize maintenance of the growing number of devices. The service would provide device registration, policy enforcement, “over the air” software distribution, and license management.” Click here to read the entire InformationWeek article and learn more about how the DOD’s is approaching MDM.

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