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Enterprise Android Use “Severely Limited” – But For How Long?

Computerworld is reporting on a Gartner evaluation stating that due to the complexities and wide varieties of devices and operating systems Android adoption in the enterprise is “severely limited” regarding Mobile Device Management (MDM). It is hard to argue with the numbers that resulted from a survey Gartner conducted in April stating that of all organizations surveyed only 9% said that they were standardized or standardizing on Android. In comparison 60% plan to standardize on Apple iOS and 20% plan on BlackBerry in the next 12 months.

Computerworld reports that Garnter is sighting the reason for this disparity on the fact that Google does not offer many APIs to allow Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors to connect their software to their operating systems. Again, it is hard to argue with numbers and fact, but we are posing the questions of how long might this last? With an increasingly mobile society inevitably making its way into our workforce and a large focus on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in our workplaces one might this not to long. Right?

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