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Enterprise Cloud Sevices for Mobile and Android Certification all from Samsung

Samsung Mobile Device Management

Samsung Mobile Device ManagementLooking to take advantage of the decline in Blackberry devices, the increased interest in Android devices and the spike in enterprise mobility, Samsung is working to bring their Android devices into the enterprise more regularly. By developing and hosting their own cloud-based services they can more easily appeal to the enterprise to bring in their Android based consumer smartphones and tablets.

With this growing interest in Android devices companies are going to have to eventually figure out how to manage, support and secure them on a more consistent basis and fight though the Android fragmentation. Samsung is thinking about throwing their hat into the ring with services to do just that. While there is no final word on these developments InfoWorld quotes Dave Lowe, vice president of enterprise sales at Samsung, as saying “When I talked about … knitting together, stitching together devices, it’s absolutely a direction we want to go — creating cloud services.”

In keeping with their Android development and breaking those devices into the enterprise, they are working around the fragmentation of Android devices and building an enterprise-grade platform for their mobile devices. By certifying their devices as SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise) on this platform it will be easier for IT departments to manage, secure and enforce policies. With mobile device management (MDM) offering from Airwatch, SAP and Juniper enterprises can encrypt and remotely wipe data or disable features and enforce roaming. Lowe did mention that AirWatch’s MDM solution does work best on their devices.

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