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Enterprises Look Out for New Android Trojan, Red Alert 2.0

A new Android Trojan has been uncovered, according to Red Alert 2.0 has reportedly targeted banks and social apps so far.

The new threat compromised several third-party app stores with various aliases and can reportedly bypass two-factor authentication with ease. It’s able to steal log-in credentials along with personal information, allowing cybercriminals to make purchases with your account info. The worst part is that your bank can’t even let you know about suspicious activity because Red Alert 2.0 is able to block and log incoming calls from financial institutions.

So how do you protect your organization?

Platform Specialist at FireMon Josh Mayfield told that when it comes to enterprise bring your own device (BYOD) policies, “many organizations are using containers to control what a personal mobile device can do.”

He went on to say, “This falls in line with the continued evolution of the identity becoming the new perimeter. No longer can one assume security with firewalls and intrusion prevention systems alone; people use their own devices, their own applications, and integrate their personal and work lives.”

Enterprises with a mobile device management (MDM) tool deployed can put policies and best practices in place for BYOD, which often decreases security risks when it comes to mobile devices. With an MDM solution, a business can control the privileges and accessibility of a particular device, which in turn makes security management easier.

It’s also vital to ensure that your employees understand policies and access when it comes to protecting mobile devices.

“Awareness of just how dangerous the world can be and how personal devices can bring down the enterprise can help users appreciate the stakes and take care when something like BYOD becomes standard,” according to

Automating policy management is also an important step in securing devices and protecting them from threats. It allows an organization to establish access controls that decrease BYOD risks and has the power to prevent an infection from becoming “an epidemic in the network.”

End users should be updating apps and operating systems on a regular basis in order to fully benefit from patches and security fixes. With an MDM platform in place, it can prevent a user from gaining access to an organization’s network with an outdated device.

Malware is being transported from person to person more often, which is always something you should be on the lookout for. Simply opening an email with a PDF attached could execute malware.

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