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New Features from a “Leader” in MDM: MobileIron

With a recent funding round that brought in $40 million to help spur new product innovation, MobileIron is doing just that. With two new features being rolled out towards the end of the summer MobileIron is looking to keep hold of the “Leader” title given to them in Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The first improvement is integrated with MobileIron Apps@Work which they have apparently “scaled up” in order to handle more application downloads. According to Ojas Rege, Vice President of Strategy, “We’ve, in essence, taken the app storefront and scaled it up to handle application downloads that you normally see in big app stores.”

Secondly they are bringing Docs@Work to the market to address email security via mobile devices. Apparently Docs@Work encrypts the documents before they reach their destination and only Docs@Work can decrypt said document, effectively blocking all third party vendors from access. To read more about MobileIron and their latest product innovations check out the entire WirelessWeek article here.

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