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Good Technology Addresses Data Usage and Cost for BYOD and MDM

Good Technology Addresses Data Usage and Cost for BYOD and MDM

Good Technology Addresses Data Usage and Cost for BYOD and MDMThis past summer we wrote about A Shake Up in BYOD and how recent events at the time could cause problems for the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in the enterprise. The specific event was a court ruling passed down in California stating that “when employees must use their personal cell phones for work-related calls… the employer [is] to reimburse them.” This ruling hit at the cost saving benefits perceived from BYOD and really put a focus on the question, who should pay?

BYOD programs are meant to bring a number of benefits to both the employee and employer. Greater productivity, employee engagement, access to information and employee satisfaction were all benefits trying to be realized through BYOD programs. One major perk was the idea of cost savings. As the work life balance began to shift and work began to spill outside of the confines of the office walls so did costs associated with data usage. Costs associated with constant connectivity began to skyrocket and the question was being asked, who is responsible for that cost?

In an effort to put an end to that question, Good Technology has recently announced the release of “Good Work with Data”. Apparently the industry’s first and only solution to do so, Good Work with Data is “seamlessly embedded into corporate apps that provide access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. Good Work with Data enables enterprise IT to separate business and personal cellular data usage on the same device and establish policies that pay directly for approved mobile app use, independent of carrier and without the need for employee stipend or reimbursement programs, further supporting enterprise BYOD initiatives.”

Good Technology has been an innovator in the area of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and has been rolling out solutions to address the larger Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) approach being adopted more widely these days. With the release of Good Work with Data they are now able to address one of the larger issues concerning BYOD in cost, responsibility and reimbursement.

In their recent release Christy Wyatt, CEO and Chairman of Good Technology, said “Only Good has this unique architecture and can enable a hassle-free BYOD solution with true data billing separation – no one else has this today. This approach allows us to avoid the challenges other MDM vendors face as they expand their offerings, allowing Good to deliver a seamless experience without compromising any of the usability and security requirements our customers expect.”

See how Good Technology stacks to other MDM solutions in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Click here to read more on the release of Good Work with Data and how they are addressing cost issues surrounding BYOD programs.

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