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Good Technology Announces Support for Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for Android Devices

Android Security

Android SecurityThere is no doubt that enterprise mobility management solutions and adopters have turned much of their focus to enterprise data rather than the device or hardware when addressing security. These folks have taken on the mindset that a device is only as secure as it’s data…and recently findings may show that there are correct in this thinking. We can by no means forget about the hardware completely and a layered approach to security should always be taken. An announcement from Good Technology highlights just that.

Today Good announced that they will offer support for Trusted Execution Environments (TEE). The Good TEE solution is an industry-first hardware protected trusted user interface and secure key storage for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). This new support comes through a partnership with Intercede, a provider of Trusted Application Management (TAM) services for the TEE. Sriram Krishnan, a Sr. Director at Good, describes TEE in a recent blog as being, “essentially a trusted operating system that is adopted by Android handset manufacturers, who in turn enable TAMs to make keys for hardware level key protection on a broad range of Android devices available to secure mobile solutions companies like Good.”

The TEE technology will be integrated into the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform allowing all Good protected applications to benefit from this partnership. Some may make rumblings that it only addresses Android devices, but it certainly will help IT get more security around Android apps and devices that have reportedly been less secure than the likes of iOS. “The fragmented nature of Android has long been an Achilles heel for private and public sector organizations looking to support all mobile devices,” said Chris Hazelton, research director, enterprise mobility at 451 Research in Good’s recent press release.

Click here to read the full release from Good Technology.

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