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Healthcare Focused Mobile Device Management from Xerox

Xerox Business Cloud Mobile Device Management

Xerox Business Cloud Mobile Device ManagementXerox is looking to help secure mobility within healthcare organizations. Continuing their work in the mobile device healthcare marketing Xerox has announced a cloud based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and mobility compliance consulting service to help healthcare organizations keep track of their mobile devices.

Aimed to ease the pain and complexities of managing a securing a mobile workforce the MDM solution is delivered in a private cloud that allows users to pay for what they actually use. The cloud based MDM solution bring the traditional function to the table with the ability to configure devices for system access, monitor policy compliance, map individual users and remotely wipe/lock lost or stolen devices. The solution targets healthcare organization as it is “aligned tightly” with the most recent HIPAA regulations.

Xerox is taking this healthcare mobility solutions one step further by offering consultancy services to help guide users through all aspects of mobility security in this very much regulated industry. Ken Bradberry, chief technology officer of Healthcare Provider Solutions at Xerox, says “Where we bring real value to the market is not just in mobile device management, but we are very versed in the subject matter, with experts who know how clinical apps work. We are very much dialed in to having those mobile devices integrated and utilized–to having  a very strong technology expertise.” Click here to read more on the Xerox MDM offerings.

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