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How Do IoT and Enterprise Mobility Impact Each Other?

How Do IoT and Enterprise Mobility Impact Each Other

How Do IoT and Enterprise Mobility Impact Each OtherThe widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) by companies has already had an intense impact on the way organizations utilize connected devices to change how they conduct business. Enterprise mobility, in particular, is becoming more modern as a result of IoT through a mix of mobile devices, wearables, and other connected devices in order to enable users to be more collaborative. But what does that mean for enterprise mobility and IoT being used in conjunction with each other?

It was inevitable that IoT would have a big effect on companies, especially on enterprise mobility. Mobility facilitates employee productivity and increased profit as a result, fitting right in with the increased connectivity of IoT. Additionally, IoT is enabled by enterprise mobility because companies rely on the connected devices and big data analytics that mobility provides. These elements optimize process and therefore cause workers to make better marketing and strategy decisions.

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The combination of IoT and enterprise mobility is beneficial for businesses, as the two complement each other in ways that enable cost-effectivity and increased revenue. For example, through mobility and IoT, a retail shop could determine where its customers spend most of their time in their store by using Bluetooth signals from their mobile devices. With this information, the employees can arrange the business differently, putting sale items in the more popular areas. This can also improve the supply chain by showing business-owners which products sell better at different times of day, along with what products should be ordered to keep everything in stock.

IoT can be viewed as an addition to mobile devices, enabling employees to increase their productivity. However, an overwhelming number of connected devices to manage can be daunting for an IT department. For that reason, businesses should make use of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. In doing so, the amount of time that the IT department will be tied up solving different device problems will be reduced. An EMM solution will also assist in troubleshooting device problems and request handling. In other words, IoT and enterprise mobility work better together than separately.

In the future, IoT will be ingrained in even more devices, including cars and homes. Rather than simply complementing each other, IoT and enterprise mobility may be fully combined as a means to digitally transform business models and interact with partners and users in new ways. Additionally, it’s likely that AI will be brought into that mix in order to build new contextual native enterprise applications, and perhaps create the next level of possible innovation.

Though IoT is newer technology, it is symbiotic with enterprise mobility. Both being used in conjunction with each other opens up possibilities for process optimization, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. The impact of IoT and enterprise technology used together is an influx of innovation and growth, creating a new stage of the mobile revolution.

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