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How Will the 5G Revolution Impact the World?

How Will the 5G Revolution Impact the World

How Will the 5G Revolution Impact the WorldThe 5G revolution is coming, slowly but surely, and when it arrives, this technology will bring significant change to many industries. Without the advent of faster, stable 5G technology, it’s likely that the Internet of Things (IoT) would never reach its full potential. Current networks are unable to handle the amount of data and connected devices because they don’t have the same capabilities as 5G. Though the new 5G network will be capable of managing billions of IoT devices, it will also be able to process and manage data simultaneously, allowing for new opportunities in many fields. When 5G arrives, there will likely be major technological advancements throughout the following spaces:

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Remote Robotic Surgery

While robotic surgery isn’t new technology, 5G will assist in developing additional possibilities within this field. As of now, the DaVinci robot has been performing surgeries for years, usually in a room nearby in the same medical office or hospital. However, 5G will enable doctors to make that technology mobile, allowing the robot to perform surgical procedures hundreds of miles away from the hospital. A 5G network would make this technology more reliable, meaning that unexpected glitches or downtime during procedures would be unlikely. This improvement would have a major impact on healthcare, especially for people living in more remote areas of the world.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have not yet become a part of the public sphere, but they will potentially become more accessible as a result of 5G. Because a 5G network has increased speed and is able to compute in real-time, it will have the capability to connect to other vehicles, buildings, people, and street lights in ways that 4G is unable to. As a result of 5G, autonomous vehicles will be able to re-route instantly, avoid accidents, and approximate arrival times. While these enhancements are contingent on using IoT to develop connected, smart cities, 5G will also be the basis of the increased use of IoT.

Augmented Reality and Immersive Gaming

The speed of 5G will enable the development of immersive, real-time gaming that is free from lags and technical glitches, which can negatively impact online games. In addition to this, 5G will facilitate the development of improved augmented reality, which can potentially blur the line between artificial and real experiences. For example, instead of a character in a video game appearing in different places in the real world via a personal device, that character will have the ability to interact with and move in response to the environment in real time.

The wait for 5G has felt long, as there have been many technological advancements, but the current networks are not capable of supporting that new technology. When the 5G revolution finally begins, not only will it enable our pre-existing technology to be able to be used to its full potential, but it has the potential to allow for the creation of technology we can’t conceive of yet. 5G’s impact will be great across industries, likely connecting devices, people, and cities all around the world.

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