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Hypori Points Healthcare Organizations to VMI

Hypori points Healthcare Organizations to VMI

Hypori points Healthcare Organizations to VMIThe struggle between healthcare IT departments and employees is real. According to virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) vendor Hypori, organizations like hospitals and physician’s offices face various security challenges when it comes to mobility. To mend those issues, Hypori offers a VMI that they say will provide the best form of protection for those in the healthcare space.

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are widely used instead of a VMI, and often provide several benefits including a boost in productivity and cost savings. However, BYOD also causes some issues between IT departments and end users. Those involved in a company’s IT department want to protect sensitive data and prevent breaches, while workers want to keep their employers from viewing their personal information.

A Virtual Mobile Infrastructure prevents those issues from arising.  According to Hypori, a VMI “takes the concept that is already widely accepted and deployed in healthcare called virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and applies it to mobile devices and operating systems.”

VMI provides users with a better mobile experience while eliminating endpoint security risks. It also allows users remote access from their mobile device to any corporate asset or app, as long as it’s within the hospital network.

“No enterprise apps or data ever reside on the endpoint, so there’s no need for IT to try and manage what end users do with their mobile devices,” Hypori reported in a recent blog post.

Therefore, the vendor is providing the benefits of two mobile devices, without the added cost of buying a second one.
The post went on to say, “In turn, both IT and the end user are no longer in conflict; instead, organizations are now enabled to transition more processes to mobile while end users retain privacy and autonomy.”

Hypori first launched in 2011 and built their solution to help with mobility requirements. They specialize in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

Hypori was named the first Virtual Mobile Infrastructure vendor to meet the strict requirements for classified mobility and is now listed as a validated component on the National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program Components List in the TLS Software Applications category.

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