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inTouch: Tangoe’s New Enterprise Mobile Messaging App

inTouch Tangoes New Enterprise Mobile Messaging App

inTouch Tangoes New Enterprise Mobile Messaging AppWhen it comes to inter-office communication there are two things that are considered the most important; security and usability. When developing their new enterprise messaging app, Tangoe kept those things in mind.

inTouch is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool that allows employees to securely and easily communicate with one another. This secure, encrypted messaging app is available in both a free and paid option, the paid option offering end -user support, admin dashboard,  and corporate branding.

The inTouch messaging app is ideal for all types of enterprises and all kinds of people. It is innovative and sleek enough for millennials, and user friendly enough for people who aren’t as familiar with mobile technology.

“inTouch gives employees a more open way to communicate and share a little more,” said Anne Marie Murray, Global Product Marketing Manager at Tangoe. “They are happier and more productive.”

Initially developed for internal use, inTouch has features and components that make communicating with your co-workers, not only fun, but convenient too. With no involvement from IT, each user is in charge of their own contact information.

Tangoe_inTouchThe contact section of the profile lets each user dictate how they would prefer to be contacted by dragging and arranging their preferences in order of most preferred to least preferred, including face-to-face, inTouch chat, email, and phone.

inTouch also gives remote workers the opportunity to communicate with their peers more productively and more regularly through the inTouch chat feature. It is quicker and easier to share ideas through chat, especially when it’s not possible to meet face-to-face.

inTouch can be used across any platform and launched in any browser; if your device is down and you need to communicate, any web browser will do. inTouch can also be accessed off-line so no matter what the situation, you are never left without your contacts.

BYOD privacy and security is currently one of the most controversial issues facing enterprises today, but inTouch fits so seamlessly into any existing policy and offers the user control on what information they are sharing with the rest of the enterprise, completely separate from any personal information on the device.

inTouch is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that is easy to integrate with any kind of preexisting  mobile policy. It’s easy to use, convenient and opens up lines of communication for more productive employees.

inTouch is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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