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iOS 9 and the EMM and MDM Updates

iOS 9 and the EMM and MDM Updates

iOS 9 and the EMM and MDM UpdatesWith the iOS 9 release looming IT departments might be wondering how this upgrade may impact their enterprise mobility strategy and the management and security of their mobile workforce. With BYOD programs gaining steam and iOS still being the predominant choice by end users in the enterprise you should most certainly be aware of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) specific announcements that Apple made at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference last week around the iOS 9 upgrade.

For IT departments and the EMM impact iOS 9 brings there were three main focuses at the WWDC. EMM upgrade announcements were made around MDM features, the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for applications and Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). In regards to the DEP devices can now automatically be enrolled and configured using the Apple Configurator. There is now no need to touch the device at all in order to set it up for use within the enterprise ultimately streamlining the process for both IT and the end user. This capability will now be available in 26 countries rather than the 2 prior to the iOS 9 upgrade.

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The VPP is a positive update addressing application distribution as mobile apps continue to become an integral part or organization’s mobile strategies. ZDNet writes that, “App distribution gains some new tricks as well. Licenses for the Volume Purchase Program, or VPP, can be assigned directly to devices instead of individuals. Apple is also broadening app purchases through the VPP program. If you’re based in one country but have employees in other countries, you can purchase apps in your home region and distribute them to though the VPP to workers in other countries.”

Apple Configurator 2 was also announced which will bring much more flexibility to the management and configuration of devices in the enterprise. Configurator 2 improves the workflow process in setting up and monitoring devices bringing support to multiple Apple Configurator stations eliminating the task of using the same instance to manage the same device. Brian Madden points out a few more MDM features being brought to the tables writing, “The following new restrictions are available for all managed devices: screen recording; trust new enterprise app authors; and treat AirDrop as unmanaged destination (closing a data-leaking loophole). For supervised devices, the following new restrictions are available: automatic app downloads, iCloud photo library; keyboard shortcuts; modify device name, passcode, and wallpaper; News (the new app); and pair with Apple Watch.”

Click here to view a session from WWDC “Whats New in Managing Apple Devices”

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