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MDM and Unified Communication in One Cloud Service with Pixavi

Prixavi Video Mobile Device Management

Prixavi Video Mobile Device ManagementPixavi is showcasing a new service that unifies two functions that enterprises need to optimize enterprise mobility. With the number of mobile devices being utilized in organizations for business processes, both employee owned and company issued, it is essential that tools such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are implemented for security concerns. In order to realize the full potential of enterprise mobility Unified Communication solutions help to optimized employee communication, collaboration and interaction through both quality audio and video channels.

Pixavi’s new service is a cloud based service that brings both of the solutions together into one package to optimize both security and communication within organizations. A recent release quotes Pixavi Sales Manager, Thomas Zaubi as saying, “”Today’s smartphones and tablets include high end video and audio capabilities that are just waiting to be fully utilized by the software. People are bringing their own devices to work and want to utilize rich communication tools at work as they do at home,” “Pixavi clearly demonstrates that mobile device management can and should be integrated with management Unified Communications.”

Currently they are just launching the alpha version of the service at Mobile World Congress and will be looking for user feedback as they continue to improve on the service. Christian Rokseth, CEO of Pixavi says “We want to ensure that our future customers have a say in the path forward. We expect to release the final version towards the end of 2013.” A list of the service’s features is as follows:

  • Full featured MDM solution for full device configuration and security abilities.
  • Remotely Add and remove wifi network association data from the devices to ensure seamless roaming among field workers without disclosing sensitive passcodes and certificates.
  • Voip and Video client Presence
  • SIP & XMPP
  • Transcoding between H.264 and VP8 to allow bridging between WebRTC VP8 and H.,264 calls (Firefox and Chrome)
  • Future support for Lync, RCS and Skype
  • Full HD 1080p support

Click here to read the full release and for more on Pixavi.

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