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Media Shines Light on Mobile Device Security

Protect Your Business With Safe Texts

Protect Your Business With Safe Texts

2016 seemed to be the year of hacks. LinkedIn, Yahoo and even the United States government fell victim to a cyber criminal, and the media has taken notice.

Hacks made headlines on a regular basis this past year and news outlets even began producing special segments on the subject, including the “Hacking Your Phone” episode that aired on CBS’ 60 Minutes. And Journalist Bryan Burrough was interviewed on CNBC after writing an article for Vanity Fair that centered on the Pegasus exploit.

This wasn’t always the case. In fact, back in 2013, Tripwire published an article that focused on what would happen if reporters were searching for information on cyber attacks, and anchors were speculating about what went wrong.

“As security incident responders, such speculation could definitely impede our ability to investigate, manage, and remediate the incident in an objective manner,” the article reported.

Investigation interference is just one problem that stems from media coverage. Not too mention that employees don’t want to talk to their executive team about the issues even though new malware is emerging constantly, including Quadrooter, Hummingbad and others. Now this threatened workforce is finding that there’s no longer a place to hide given that the media is always blowing up their spot.

Securing the devices within your organization is vital, even if some of your employees are just using email and their calendar. Learn from one of our former presidential candidates: never doubt the importance email security.

As VMI vendor Hypori highlighted in a recent blog post, news about breaches only reached IT and security publications in the past. But now that the mainstream media is covering these topics, more CEO’s and other execs will be looking into what cyber criminals are up to, and what their team is doing to stop them.

Keep bad news from reaching your boss and get proactive about malware and cyber attacks. Check out our Mobile Device Management Buyer’s Guide to learn about the top vendors in this space, plus take a look at an overview of the market.

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