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Microsoft, SkyCure Team Up To Combat Mobile Threats

Microsoft Changes Name to Enterprise Mobility plus Security

Microsoft Changes Name to Enterprise Mobility plus SecurityMicrosoft recently announced a new addition to the Enterprise Mobility + Security mobile device management platform. The new add on, Skycure, aims to help users handle threats that target mobile devices.

Skycure, a mobile threat specialist, has become known in the space by publishing a list of vulnerabilities that are a risk to mobile devices, according to eSecurity Planet, including Accessibility Clickjacking, No iOS Zone and LinkedOut.

Skycure’s technology aims to add real-time protection to Microsoft’s EMS suite and supplements InTune’s compliance engine by offering extra security intelligence that enterprises can take advantage of to fine-tune their access settings. It also has the capability to automatically turn off the the device’s access before it becomes a breach worth worrying about.

“The integration enhances the base capabilities of Microsoft EMS to now predict, detect and prevent mobile cyber-attacks around all four attack vectors – physical, malware, network and vulnerability exploits,” Skycure Vice President Varun Kohli told eSecurity Planet.

He went on to tell them that the Skycure-Microsoft EMS combo offers various modes of protection, and is able to detect if malicious malware has been downloaded. It’s then able to mark the device as non-compliant to prevent it from accessing corporate resources.

And if you use a suspicious Wi-Fi network, automated enforcement will detect it and begin working. Plus, it stops emerging threats before a cyber criminal has the time to steal your data. And it’s lightweight footprint means that battery life and performance are still intact.

“Mobile threat defense is becoming an important need in the enterprise, but it can be tricky to protect devices that are used for a mix of personal and professional activities,” Andrew Conway, general manager of Product Marketing for Microsoft EMS, said in a statement. “Skycure’s integration with Microsoft EMS provides protection for a wide range of devices that access corporate data, while making it as easy as possible for IT teams to configure.”

The Skycure-Microsoft EMS integration is available right now in preview.

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