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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Approach Could Benefit EMM

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Approach Could Benefit EMM

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Approach Could Benefit EMMLast week, Microsoft held their Ignite conference where they made lots of exciting announcements and showed us all what the future holds for the tech giant. It’s no secret that Windows Phone has not had the same pull as iPhones and Android powered phones and that has to do with the Windows Phone operating system.  It’s not what people are used to and honestly the tiles freaked us out a little bit.

Windows 10 will be what Windows 8 was supposed to be; the familiarity of our beloved Windows operating system while combining what made Windows 8 work so well for tablets. Yes, the tiles will still be there, but they will be incorporated into the start menu along with all the other options from Windows 7. Part of the reason why we weren’t fans of Windows 8 at the beginning was that we felt a little lost without our start menu.

Despite what everyone may be saying, Windows 8 was not as big of a failure as it was hyped up to be. Minus the scary tile format, Windows 8 is a great, powerful and smart operating system that works great if you’re willing to get used to it.

Microsoft was aware that people were less than pleased with Windows 8 but they weren’t about to let us call all the shots and completely abandon the concept altogether. The two main things that you need to know about Windows 10 are; the start menu will be right where you want it to be, and Windows 10 will most likely be the final Windows OS version.

No, Microsoft is not taking themselves out of the OS game, which is a game they have been dominating for the past 20 years. According to an article by Lindsay Caldwell for Slash Gear, “The future of Microsoft will lie in updates as opposed to big, spaced-out releases of shiny, new versions.” This means that Microsoft will no longer make you download an entirely new operating system. Instead of going from Windows 7 to Windows 8, Microsoft will send you notifications when the updates are available so you can stay on top of them yourself.

This new approach will eliminate Patch Tuesday, and split Windows 10 into different OS components so its built-in apps and start menu can be updated independently from the core OS.

So this brings us back to EMM. Windows 10 will work very similarly to current Microsoft managed mobile devices and Microsoft will insist that you use it for all of your managed devices, especially if you use Windows for your desktops. It is Microsoft’s mission to merge desktop with mobile and have announced several features that will make your Windows powered desktops seamlessly compatible with your Windows powered mobile devices.

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