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MobileIron LIVE! 2019: Mobile Spotlight with Mobility Professionals

MobileIron LIVE! 2019: Mobility Spotlight with Mobile Solution Providers

MobileIron LIVE! 2019: Mobility Spotlight with Mobile Solution Providers

Solutions Review recently attended MobileIron LIVE! 2019 in Berlin, the annual enterprise mobile, desktop, and security conference. While we recorded live on the ground in Berlin, we spoke with the experts and featured speakers attending the conference. Additionally, MobileIron announced a significant release of a mobile-centric zero trust platform, tying in with the theme of zero trust mobile security that MobileIron highlighted at the conference.

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Throughout our interviews at MobileIron LIVE! 2019 Berlin, we discussed major enterprise concerns including mobile security, identity, mobile strategy, and success. We asked them about enterprise mobility strategies and how enterprises can achieve success and security with their mobile management. We hope these interviews help you to learn as much as we did about the present and future of the mobility space.

Check out the full interviews below:

Sean Ginevan of Android Enterprise

Sean Ginevan is the Head of Global Strategy for Android Enterprise at Google. He spoke with Doug Atkinson about Android Enterprise and how businesses can use their enterprise mobility solutions to integrate mobile devices into their work. Ginevan discusses the challenges of separating personal and work-related mobile device uses, especially with the rising adoption of BYOD culture. To combat this, Android Enterprise includes solutions that separate corporate data, applications, and resources from personal usage. This includes applications that might be used for both work-related and personal processes, such as Google Docs. Also, Ginevan mentions the increasing need for security and privacy in regards to enterprise mobility and the steps that Android is taking to address those two points.

Nick Dawson of Samsung Knox

Nick Dawson is Senior Director of Enterprise Business at Samsung. In our interview with him, he talks about Samsung Knox, Samsung’s enterprise mobile security and management platform. Dawson notes the increasing number of devices in the business world – not just phones and tablets, but also IoT devices and various other network endpoints. As Dawson asks: “How do we secure them? How do we manage them? How do we monitor them?” The Samsung Knox framework provides a common ground for businesses to manage connected mobile devices and administer relevant security policies. Dawson also comments on reducing mobile security complexities for both IT departments and end users inside an organization.

The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance is a European-based group that brings mobility experts together to share knowledge, expertise, and best practices for enterprise mobility. We interviewed three members of EMEA – Phillipp Klomp, CEO and Founder of Nomasis; Stefan Berth, Sales Director at Mobco; and Nienke Roseboom, Account Manager at BLAUD – about how the group is pushing enterprise mobility knowledge to the forefront. EMEA is comprised of several solution partners across Europe and their goal is to help businesses integrate intelligent mobility strategies that benefit not just the company, but their end users and customers as well.

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