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Okta Combines Mobile Device Management and IAM Capabilities

Okta Combines Mobile Device Management and IAM Capabilities

Okta Combines Mobile Device Management and IAM CapabilitiesOkta, traditionally an enterprise grade identity management service, is making its first foray into the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market. This week Okta unveiled Okta Mobility Management as an extension of their identity platform. Apparently the industry’s first integrated identity management and mobility management solution, the combination will allow IT departments and enterprises to “automate end-to-end scenarios in a way that was never possible,” as chief product officer Eric Berg stated in the recent release.

Much like Okta’s cloud based identity platform Okta Mobility Management is delivered entirely as a service and provides a single access management layer across the enterprise cloud. Okta Mobility Management seems to sync nicely with their existing offerings and picks up right where they leave off. Once employee profiles are created and parameters are set around access capabilities to applications and data Okta Mobility Management builds off that allowing for greater native application provisioning while not disrupting personal applications or data. Okta Mobility Management also automates the deprovisioning process and selectively removes managed apps and data from devices or executes a complete factory reset.

Here are a few key highlights on Okta Mobility Management from their recent release.

Increase IT Efficiency: Okta Mobility Management enables IT departments to centrally provision, de-provision and enforce policies around enterprise applications on any employee’s device, without disruption to their personal applications or data. This includes the ability to automatically update passwords for native apps on iOS and Android devices. As a component of Okta’s integrated identity and mobility management solution, Okta Mobility Management also offers IT departments a single, centralized system of record to manage, audit and automate specific scenarios for mobile IT management.

Improve Mobile Security: Okta Mobility Management protects corporate data on mobile devices by enforcing device passcode policies, controlling data sharing between applications, selectively removing managed apps and data from devices, or remotely executing complete factory resets of devices. Should an employee leave the company, corporate data and applications are wiped from the device, leaving all personal data untouched. In addition, through Okta Mobility Management, Okta now has the intelligence about the device in the same system where access policy and control decisions are enforced example, so if the device is jailbroken, doesn’t have the right version of software installed on it or is just unknown, IT can block access.

Increase User Productivity: Okta Mobility Management enables seamless, secure user access to applications on any type of mobile device. To get started, users enroll their device and Okta Mobility Management automatically configures and installs the appropriate catalog of applications. All native and/or web versions of those applications are available in the Okta Mobile application, and accessible via single sign-on with a single click. And when users reset their password, Okta Mobility Management automatically updates the password in the mobile client on the device, preventing lockouts, as well as reducing the number of help desk calls and user frustration.

Click here to read the full release and for more on this industry first from Okta.

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