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The Past, Present, and Future of MDM with MobileIron

The Future of Mobile Device Management - MobileIron

The Future of Mobile Device Management - MobileIronMSPmentor was able to catch up with MobileIron and their VP of Strategy, Ojas Rege, to reflect on, observe and forecast the state of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) space. Shocking to think that what is recognized as a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant only released their first MDM solution three years ago. Rege reflects on how when they started enterprises wouldn’t even let iPhones into the work space. How things have changed! Not only the iPhone, but a number of other end devices have become almost necessary in today’s enterprise and business processes. Their conversation points out how these devices have changed the function of the IT Department and where they focus now lies.

When they look at the current state of this new technology adoption and the pace at which MDM solutions need to keep up Rege states, “Customers need it now. If they can’t get a service from their traditional partner, they will get it from someone else.” They point out a few quick facts that highlight this current state from MobileIron’s user conference. “50 percent of the 200 customers attending had deployed at least one internal application. Seventy percent had established a BYOD program. Fifty percent were deploying android actively (at a lower volume than iOS, however), and some were involved in BlackBerry to iOS migrations.”

So what is next for MobileIron? Rege reveals to MSPmentor that their focus over the next six months will be with apps. Looking to allow “organizations to deploy big apps to as many devices as they want to without impacting their own network.” Also, in May of 2012 the raised $40 million in funds earmarked for core development and global expansion. Watch out now! Click here to read the entire MSPmentor article.

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