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Prevent Pokémon Go BYOD Disaster With Hypori

Prevent Pokémon Go BYOD Disaster With Hypori

Prevent Pokémon Go BYOD Disaster With HyporiPokémon GO quickly grabbed the title of the biggest mobile game in US history, according to CNBC and several other media outlets; but as we first reported last month, there are fake apps masquerading as the authentic one that could hijack your phone. Other threats have emerged since then, leaving Hypori and other providers looking for ways to prevent a BYOD disaster.

Because this game is reportedly more popular than Twitter and even Netflix, we thought it would be important to go over the risks again, plus tell you what new potential threats to look out for and how Hypori can help.

Besides this game lowering productivity at your office, given that users spend about 44 minutes on average playing it, there are other, more significant risks you should know about.

Remember to look out for the counterfeit versions, which we go into more detail about here. But more recently, the security research firm ESET discovered another threat. There are various apps that claim to offer cheat sheets and tips for the game, but actually contain malicious code that can completely take over a device.

Something else to remember is that Pokémon GO requests “permissions” from your phone or tablet when you first install the game. The agreement has been modified since we first reported on this topic last month; however, it still requests the user’s full Google profile, search history and other data associated with their Google ID. All of that means an organization is vulnerable for an attack if users have company information on their phone.

Hypori believes that these threats are no match for their Virtual Mobile Infrastructure technology. They say it has security that stands out among the rest, as they are the only VMI vendor to meet the requirements for classified mobility for the US Government.

Check out our EMM Buyer’s Guide for more info on other solution providers that may also be able to help with this issue, which doesn’t seem like it will be going away any time soon.

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