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RIM May Have To Reach Into Their Pockets and Pay Mformation Over Patent Infringement.

RIM Loses Patent Judgement to Mformation

RIM Loses Patent Judgement to MformationIn a reported patent infringement by Research in Motion (RIM), Mformation has been awarded $147.2 million by a jury. This infringement revolves around Mformation patent technology being used in the development of RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and BES-connected BlackBerry smartphones sold since 2008.

While it is reported that the trial judge has not decided on certain legal issues that might impact the verdict, RIM says they are “disappointed by the outcome and is evaluating all legal options”. RIM is not alone in their disappointment however. Florian Meuller, wireless patent specialist and blogger, has said that “this verdict must be overturned at the earliest opportunity” as he feels similar judgements may make smartphones unaffordable.

While it is safe to assume that Mformation feels justice has been served, this judgment is another punch to the gut for a company showing signs of slowing in the mobile arena. Founder/CTO Rakesh Kushwaha of Mformation is quoted here as saying, “Mformation created the mobile device management category in the late 1990s and was innovating in this area well before most of the market understood the fundamental importance of wireless mobility management. Our patents are a core part of our innovative products, and are fundamental to the methods used for device management in the market today.”

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