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With the Rise of Cloud in MDM McAfee is Redefining Their Focus

As enterprises continue to deploy cloud-based solutions McAfee is focusing efforts on three main channels of network security traffic. They are defining these as email, Web and identity and these new features will have an impact on the mobile workforce and Mobile Device Management (MDM). ZDNet reports that this focus on email, Web and identity features will include as follows:

  • “Data loss prevention capabilities in email and web gateways”
  • “New Web reporting for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform for greater visibility into security protections and incidents across the enterprise”
  • “Hybrid Web protection deployment support for on-premise and SaaS deployments from a single console tosimplify management while ensuring consistent policy enforcement for all we traffic.

How are these features specifically affecting Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the mobile workforce? They are making sure that they extend control decisions to both in-network and out-of-network mobile devices as well as providing authentication and redirection of traffic from off-network laptops to a protected solution. With the continuing push towards BYOD this will be sure to help with security and management concerns. Read the full ZDNet article here.

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