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SOTI and Google Release Android for Work for Secure Android in the Enterprise

SOTI and Google Release Android for Work for Secure Android in the Enterprise

SOTI and Google Release Android for Work for Secure Android in the Enterprise

SOTI Inc. has just announced a comprehensive same-day support for Google Android for Work. This new feature provides a dedicated workspace with full OS-level encryption to securely separate business and personal data and applications on Android tablets and smartphones when managed by SOTI MobiControl, Android for Work, whether they are personal or corporate devices. Person data stays private, while corporate data is secure.

This is a huge step forward for enterprises that use Android devices in the work place because traditionally, Android OS is considered less secure than iOS or BlackBerry. With this new feature, SOTI and Google hope to change that.

According to the results of a recent SOTI study, which was also released today, more than 67 percent of global businesses feel that Android devices are integral to their daily operations, yet almost 40 percent have concerns over security of Android devices. By working with Google to deliver same-day support of Android for Work, SOTI provides the mobility management tools and framework to allow the enterprise to welcome Android devices into their BYOD and corporate-liable deployments. By being able to confidently allow employees the freedom of device choice and the peace of mind that there is clear separation of their personal and work content, the enterprise benefits from increased mobile adoption, productivity gains, along with the confidence that corporate data is secure.

Enterprises can now enroll any device from any manufacturer into their mobility program with SOTI MobiControl and Android for Work.

“We are excited to join the Google’s Android for Work program to address enterprise concerns about supporting Android devices in their mobility strategies,” SOTI CEO Carl Rodrigues said. “Android for Work is a mobility game-changer for Android, and creates a level playing field for devices of all types in the enterprise. SOTI MobiControl and Android for Work eliminates the most significant hurdles to adoption of Android in the enterprise, including fragmentation and the lack of a secure method to manage enterprise applications and content on Android devices.”

SOTI has interviewed over 450 IT professionals from around the globe and found that today’s workforce requires the ability to work anywhere and everywhere and being able to successfully balance the proliferation of devices with the need for security and management is vital to any successful mobility program. Additional insights from the study:

  • 30 percent of respondents use multiple devices per person. 13 percent of Android users also use iOS devices while nearly 28 percent of iOS users also utilize Android at work. This showcases the distinct need for a management solution that can support a broad range of mobile operating systems as part of a comprehensive mobility strategy.
  • More than 67 percent of those surveyed use their devices multiple times per day. In fact, nearly 32 percent said they use their device(s) constantly.
  • 36 percent of study participants felt that security and privacy was the biggest concerns when trusting Android devices in the enterprise. And yet another 32 percent of respondents noted that no clear separation of personal and work content was the biggest concern.
  • Nearly half of those surveyed reported that their companies do not yet offer an official management program for mobile devices.

Find the full results of the study on the SOTI blog.

Android for Work devices managed by SOTI eliminate these challenges with profile separation and MobiControl enables remote wiping and full control over all corporate data.

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