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“State of App Security” Report from MobileIron Stresses MDM Security

MobileIronMobileIron’s State if App Security report shines some light on the recent issues enterprises have been facing with mobile security, or lack there of. According to the report, recent attacks targeting mobile apps and operating systems have put an unprecedented amount of mobile business data at risk. One in ten enterprises have at least one compromised device and more than 53 percent have at least one device that is not in compliance with corporate security policies.

“As more business processes are mobilized, hackers look to mobile apps to capitalize on enterprises’ inability to prevent and detect mobile threats,” says Mike Raggo, director of security research at MobileIron.

The future of every business large and small is mobile. It’s mobile for employees and it’s also mobile for customers and all of these people are going to be using different devices that all need to be equally secured. What we need to realize and seriously consider is restructuring our mobile security approach altogether. Not only has the last year produced mobile technology above and beyond what was available even just last year, but it is also still growing at a rapid pace.

Smartphone adaptation happened so quickly that it’s hard to think about how it has completely changed our lifestyles not only personally, but also professionally. With the amount of time we spend using our smartphones and the amount of important information stored on them, they are the number one target for theft. Hackers only have to target one device to steal a person’s entire life.

In their report, MobileIron emphasizes focus on making sure that there is an automated response to threats along with proactive defenses, and data needs to be protected while it’s in use and while it is in motion. It’s really time to rethink app security and mobile security to effectively prevent and react to mobile attacks.

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