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Tangoe Keeps Pace with iOS 7 Upgrade and Expands their MDM Offerings

Mobile Device Management iOS 7

Mobile Device Management iOS 7The mobile space continues to grow at a rapid pace as seen though the recent in Apple’s upgrade to their new iOS 7 platform. It is not only market leaders that continue to expand consumers and enterprises options for mobile devices. We are constantly seeing smaller players emerge with new and less expensive mobile devices. While this is a convenience for the consumer of said devices it increases the security risks these devices can bring to the enterprise

With that said, providers of enterprise mobile security solutions and specifically Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers need to keep up on pace with these new mobile devices and their features. Tangoe has announced that have done jus that with their latest release of their MDM software, version 13.2. Per a recent press release from Tangoe the updated Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) offering provides, “services for its entire solution suite that optimizes and manages the lifecycle of mobile enterprise communications resources including: solution hosting, administrative services, end-user help desk, and on-site MDM administrative support.”

Assuming that iOS 7 will have a large impact on the mobile market the new version 13.2 s designed to support many of the enhancements provided by iOS 7, including:

  • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) – Seamless access to multiple applications and websites using Kerberos authentication. Tangoe MDM and Tangoe WEM solutions all use SSO.
  • Multi-tasking – Recognizes applications that the user most frequently uses throughout the day, provides background checks to keep the application going, automatically adapts to network coverage when used, and allows the user to run multiple apps at once – allowing the user to move in and out of applications without returning to home between each task. In a BYOD environment, Tangoe containerization prevents user errors when moving from corporate to personal applications.
  • AirDrop – Provides iPad and iPhone users with the ability to share documents directly with each other over wireless networks rather than using cloud storage or sending email attachments. The risk with this feature is the unintentional sharing of corporate data from the device to other phones, tablets, printers and PCs. If working in a BYOD environment, Tangoe MDM can scan for eligible file types and enable/disable configuration parameters via containerization.
  • WiFi Payloads – Allows IT to specify a preferred network connect order. Improved identity payload allows Tangoe MDM protocol requests to be marked with timestamps and additional data like phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Application Virtualization – Offers a secure tunnel, authentication and authorization of the application and access to the respective network resource delivering the application. It also protects the application and data from other applications on the device. With Tangoe MDM, IT can now mobilize legacy window applications to a tablet or smart device, including the ability to have a touch screen and mimic the touch UI securely. Tangoe MDM now supports all iOS VPN configuration options.

Click here to read the full press release and for more on how Tangoe is helping to secure mobile devices in the enterprise.

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