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User Self-Service from BoxTone Aims to Reduce IT Costs – FYOD!

Boxton MDM Fix Your Own Device FYOD

Boxton MDM Fix Your Own Device FYODIn an effort to reduce workload burdens for IT and support desk departments, leading enterprise mobility innovator BoxTone recently unveiled User Self-Service (USS).  This new solution empowers BYOD and corporate mobile users to Fix Your Own Device (FYOD).  According to a June 2013 Gartner study titled: “The Impact of Mobility on the IT Service Desk,” 81 percent of companies reported that mobile devices have increased their service desk workload over the past two years.

The increasing prevalence of mobile devices in organizations has created support desk and financial burdens, explains BoxTone CEO Alan Snyder.  “Mobility clearly drives tremendous value for the enterprise, but it also introduces new complexity and significant support burdens that most organizations are only starting to realize,” Snyder says.

BoxTone’s goal is to provide the User Self-Service solution as a mechanism that will help mobile users fix their own devices.  BoxTone predicts that USS will reduce overall support desk costs by 50 – 60 percent.  The USS web portal gives workers the capability to check the status of their mobile devices, reset app or device passwords, and service problems such as outages or compliance remediation.  The user-friendly portal gives the user control of their service needs without IT assistance.

“Organizations can now win on both fronts with the combination of BYOD and FYOD.  Users get the empowerment of control and self-fix they’ve come to expect and enterprises cut the rapidly escalating costs and drain on support and IT staff,” Snyder says.

Maintaining and supporting mobile IT systems presents several challenges for enterprises.  BoxTone predicts that the USS offering will reduce organizational costs as well as provide customers with faster solutions for their mobile device needs.

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