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Why MDM Solutions Collaborate with Other Companies


Sometimes you may come across news that your mobile device management provider has just entered a partnership with another MDM provider or a tech company that you may have never heard of. These partnerships are becoming more and more common as different areas of tech are coming together. We’re seeing it now with identity and access management (IAM) and enterprise mobility, as well as cloud. So what does it mean to you when your provider makes a deal with another company?

Think of the enterprise tech world as the Marvel universe with each vendor being their own hero. You can argue in favor of each hero until the end of time, but none will ever truly be superior. Each of these heroes goes out on their own adventure and saves the world time and time again with no help from any of the other heroes. But there comes a time when even the strongest heroes need to assemble in order to take down an even bigger threat.

The first thing you need to understand is that these deals are not acquisitions. Just because two or more companies band together for a time, doesn’t mean that one company has stock in anything that the other does with their tech or their leadership. Using the recent AirWatch/Wandera collaboration as an example,  we can see that one had something the other could use to improve their platform and vice-versa. AirWatch saw that there was a need for their customers to have an easier and simpler time connecting to the corporate cloud via mobile devices. Wandera is a reputable company that specializes in simplified and secure gateways.

Instead of taking the time and money to fulfill that need, partnering with a company to provide that service gives them time to develop their own version of what they need while still providing the needed service to customers. This prevents sub-par products from entering the market too soon for the sake of time and also gives smaller or lesser known companies the chance to work with bigger name companies to promote their brand and adjust their product to be compatible with other solutions.

It’s always nice to see two great heroes work together in the movies and it’s also great to see two solutions put their heads together in order to benefit the customer. While some of these partnerships won’t last forever and some will remain compatible for years, they are done for done for different reasons, they are all aimed at benefiting the consumer.

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