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Zenprise is Making a Case for the Cloud

With all things new or different there is going to be some level of apprehension or doubt. Sushi, I still haven’t tried it. Those cars that park themselves, I don’t trust them. For some these same feelings crop up when looking at cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM). With cloud-based MDM being a relatively new option for enterprises trying to combat security and management issues that come with growing mobility and BYOD trends Zenprise is in a unique position to make a case for it and calm some of the nay-sayers.

As one of the front runners in the development of cloud-based MDM with their Zencloud offer and one of the first to offer it nearly a year ago, they are a good resource to educate yourself on the topic if it is something you may be a little unsure about. A recent blog post from John Ferguson, Director of Product Management, from Zenprise tries to do just that. Outlining some of the top 10 common MDM cloud objections John offers his insight into what users should look for in a cloud offering and highlights some of what is truly available through a cloud-based MDM option that may have been misunderstood previously.

Lack of capabilities, data concerns, loss of service visibility, security, ownership and even cost concerns and objections are addressed and a case is made for all. With cloud-based MDM “Enabling companies to get up and running within hours, scale to virtually limitless capacity, and upgrade to new releases immediately makes a winning case for MDM cloud solutions”, and with folks like Zenprise making a case for it while continually improving their service offering will MDM in the cloud become an industry standard? And if so, how long will it take and what do you need to see in order to embrace this new technology? We are coming around on the idea of the cloud, but I’m still not going to try sushi. Read the full post here and see all 10 objections in their entirety.

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