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Aryaka: Application Performance Is a Key Driver for WAN Investment

Aryaka: Application Performance Is a Key Driver for WAN Investment

Aryaka: Application Performance Is a Key Driver for WAN Investment

According to a survey recently conducted by Aryaka, 43 percent of enterprises identify application performance as an underlying driver for WAN transformation and adoption. This information comes from the 2021 State of the WAN report, which surveyed over 1350 enterprises around the globe on the state of IT infrastructure, networks, and security. The report found that improving application performance is a key factor that drives network-based decisions at enterprises.

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Aryaka asked survey-takers about the key drivers that are moving them to purchase and use an evolved WAN solution. 43 percent responded that improving application performance was a chief concern that is driving businesses to adopt WAN and SD-WAN deployments. Other drivers that respondents noted were augmentation to existing MPLS, increasing cloud consumption, and broader digital transformation projects.

The survey also asked about the top managed service requests that enterprises are sending out. 45 percent are inquiring managed service providers about application optimization, 43 percent inquire about security, 39 percent about connectivity, and 37 percent about multi-cloud.

In the company’s press release, Futuriom’s founder and chief analyst Scott Raynovich stated: “This year, the report reflects many of the same trends we are seeing at Futuriom, which include the ongoing integration of cloud-based networking services and security — otherwise known as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) — as well as strong demand for virtualized networking solutions targeted at Work from Anywhere (WFA) and hybrid work environments.”

Download your copy of the 2021 State of the WAN report here.

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