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Auvik: IT Teams Have Inaccurate Picture of Network Configurations

Auvik: IT Teams Have Inaccurate Picture of Network Configurations

Auvik: IT Teams Have Inaccurate Picture of Network Configurations

According to a report recently released by Auvik Networks, more than three-quarters of IT professionals report high confidence in their networks when they don’t have full knowledge of their network’s configurations. This information comes from the 2021 Network Field Report, based on a survey of 353 IT professionals that covered how confident they were in their network management. The report reveals a disconnect between how networking professionals perceive their network and how their network actually performs.

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Auvik found that 57 percent of IT pros have incomplete knowledge of their network’s configuration. This percentage hasn’t changed since 2015, indicating a pervasive problem in how IT managers view their networks. Particularly, smaller IT teams and companies with fewer than 50 employees have the most problems with network configuration.

However, 86 percent of those who responded reported that they had high confidence in their network configurations. Confidence has risen over the past six years, as in 2015, only 71 percent reported high confidence. Even those who don’t have the proper insight into their network configurations often cite high confidence, such as the 77 percent who said they have no knowledge of network configuration but also have high confidence in their network.

In the company’s press release, Auvik Networks’ Chief Product Officer Alex Hoff stated: “It’s important that the network just works—all the time—so our report findings are concerning. Not only are companies falling down when it comes to basic network maintenance but they’re also wasting significant time on manual tasks that could be automated. It all adds up to inefficiencies and network risks that really don’t need to be there, when there are so many viable software options that can easily solve those problems.”

Download your copy of the 2021 Network Field Report here.

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