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Upcoming Cisco Webinars Discussing Intent Based Networking

Upcoming Cisco Webinars Discussing Intent Based Networking

Intent-based networking has gained a lot of traction around the networking world since Cisco popularized it last year. Its core concept is enabling various networking innovations to collaborate. The intent is to build the perfect network by focusing on your company’s specific goals. It brings together policy-based automation, network analytics, and machine learning. Three crucial components of modern network monitoring.

To spread awareness about this concept, Cisco has various webinars coming up. These webinars are designed to lay the foundation for intent-based networking. Be sure to register!

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The Power of IOS XE Programmability – March 29

“In this session, attendees will learn about the latest programmability features on the IOS XE operating system, such as NETCONF/YANG, RESTCONF, Application hosting, On-box Python and Streaming Telemetry. Attendees will also see a demo showcasing some of these features live.”

The Power of Cisco Meraki – April 5

“This session will highlight how Cisco Meraki can deliver a secure, efficient and highly available cloud-managed solution.”

Bringing IT all together with APIs – April 12

“This session will highlight and demonstrate the capabilities and use cases of the Meraki Dashboard API. Subject matter experts will also show the benefits of the Northbound/Southbound DNAC API and Spark integration.”

The Meraki Core Stack – April 19

“This session will demonstrate how Cisco Meraki networking and device management can deliver IT operational efficiency through real-world use cases.”

Lowering Risk – Network Visibility is Not Enough – May 3

“This session will highlight capabilities of Cisco StealthWatch.”

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager and MV Camera Overview – May 10

“This session will highlight the Cisco Meraki Systems Manager and Physical Security capabilities.”

Designing and Deploying for Impact with Cisco SD-WAN – May 17

“One hour webinar on designing and deploying for impact with Cisco SD-WAN.”

Introducing Simple IT – May 24

“This session will highlight the capabilities and outcomes drive by multiple cloud managed solutions from Cisco to solve your DC, EN, Collaboration and security needs.”

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