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Datadog Releases Security Monitoring Into General Availability

Datadog Releases Security Monitoring Into General Availability

Datadog Releases Security Monitoring Into General Availability

Datadog is releasing its Security Monitoring solution into general availability, according to both a blog post on the company’s website and a press release issued through Business Wire. The product, a part of Datadog’s monitoring platform, is designed to help users detect threats in real-time and investigate security alerts across infrastructure metrics, distributed traces, and logs.

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Datadog is an infrastructure and application monitoring platform that provides full observability for modern applications. The platform collects, searches, and analyzes traces across fully distributed architectures. Datadog users can quickly find traces that match a particular user, customer, error code, endpoint, service, or custom tag. In addition to security monitoring, the company provides solutions and services for monitoring network performance and application performance.

Security Monitoring delivers comprehensive security visibility from observability data with more than 400 integrations that let users collect metrics, logs, and traces from an entire stack as well as security tools. Users can cast a wider net to catch possible security issues, and the solution provides deeper context during investigations. With Security Monitoring, Datadog users can perform turnkey security investigations, enrich events with security context, perform real-time threat detection, and correlate and triage security signals.

In the Business Wire press release, 451 Research’s Principal Analyst for Information Security Fernando Montenegro stated: “Companies undergoing the transformation of their security practices to adapt to more DevOps-friendly workflows are likely to look favorably on approaches that balance injecting security without disrupting those workflows.” Datadog’s Director of Product Management Marc Tremsal adds further insight: “Given their complexity and velocity, security teams are looking to partner with developers and operations teams to secure dynamic cloud environments. We’ve built Datadog Security Monitoring to enable all engineers to cost-effectively analyze detailed observability data for potential threats, and easily collaborate during investigations.”

Learn more about Datadog here.

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