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Deloitte: WiFi 6 and 5G Will Transform Companies Within Three Years

Deloitte: WiFi 6 and 5G Will Transform Companies Within Three Years

Deloitte: WiFi 6 and 5G Will Transform Companies Within Three Years

According to a study conducted by Deloitte, the majority of network executives expect that advanced wireless technologies — namely, WiFi 6 and 5G — will transform their companies. This information comes from Deloitte’s Study of Advanced Wireless Adoption that surveyed 415 network executives based in the United States. The results of the survey reveal how emerging wireless network technologies like WiFi 6 (AKA 802.11ax) and 5G are, in the eyes of network executives, changing the way enterprises view their network.

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Deloitte discovered that 86 percent of network executives believe that advanced wireless tech will transform their organizations within three years; in addition, 79 percent say that it will transform the entire network industry. The authors of the report theorize that enterprises are looking to gain a competitive advantage, and are looking towards new networking and wireless tech to give them the edge over other businesses.

Another interesting statistic is that the desire to adopt emerging network technologies is not motivated by network performance. Deloitte found that more than four in five network execs are at least “satisfied” with traditional network performance metrics, including reliability, data speed, latency, coverage, and scalability. Age of the network also doesn’t appear to be a factor, leading Deloitte to conclude that the benefits of new network technologies outweigh even the power of networks from the past few years.

In Deloitte’s report, the authors stated: “Advanced wireless technologies will likely become an essential part of the fabric that links billions of devices, machines, and people in the hyperconnected era. They promise dramatic performance improvements—such as faster speeds, increased data capacity, lower latency, greater device density, and precise location sensing—that make wireless an attractive alternative to wireline networks for heavy-bandwidth, time-sensitive needs. […] It is telling that networking executives don’t view 5G and Wi-Fi 6 as incremental improvements to previous generations of wireless, but as a significant opportunity to transform how their enterprises operate, as well as the products and services they offer.”

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