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Is Your Enterprise’s Network Monitoring Strategy Working?

Is Your Enterprise's Network Monitoring Strategy Working?

Is Your Enterprise's Network Monitoring Strategy Working?

It might seem on the surface that monitoring your network’s performance is incredibly simple. All you need is a network performance monitoring (NPM) tool, right? As much as enterprises wish that was the case, it isn’t that simple. To accurately determine your network’s performance, your network team needs a network monitoring strategy in place.

A network monitoring strategy helps your team understand the specifics of your network performance and any issues that arise. It comprises intelligent analysis of your network’s current and past performance to see where your network is performing well – and where it can improve. Your enterprise may have a network monitoring strategy in place, but how can you tell if it’s working for you? Read on to learn how to determine if your network monitoring strategy needs to change and what a good monitoring strategy looks like.

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Analyzing the right network metrics

There are a lot of network performance metrics that your network team can analyze. Each of them can give you information on how your network is performing. However, depending on your network, some metrics are more important to examine than others.

Your NPM solution will ideally observe your network and collect information on several different metrics. It will then display the information it gathers visually, letting your team easily see your network’s performance. The challenge is knowing which metrics your team needs to be looking at. This will be different depending on your network and your enterprise’s business requirements for it. If your network is using a lot of bandwidth, for example, your network team can take steps to reduce bandwidth usage across your infrastructure.

Full network visibility

A network monitoring strategy is useless unless you have full visibility into your network. Your NPM tool needs to be able to see every area of your network, including nodes, connections, and devices. You also need to examine your network on a multilevel approach; your enterprise must look at your network for security and efficiency alongside performance. Without full visibility, your network monitoring strategy can’t possibly be effective.

Are other technologies affecting your network?

Enterprises are adopting new technologies into their architecture all the time. Companies are increase their funding of digital transformation initiatives and looking to emerging tech to provide solutions for them. Technologies such as cloud computing and concepts like BYOD are revolutionizing the enterprise tech world. As such, more businesses are looking to adopt them.

While the benefits of this are numerous, they also may have a huge effect on your network. Your NPM can examine where network performance problems originate from and what aspects of your infrastructure are bringing network performance down. Many business-critical applications, for example, rely on your network to operate, but they can hog a huge chunk of performance. If your network monitoring strategy doesn’t reflect these other technologies and their effect on your network, you need to update it immediately.

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