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LogicMonitor Introduces LM Logs™ for Cloud-Based Log Intelligence

LogicMonitor Introduces LM Logs™ for Cloud-Based Log Intelligence

LogicMonitor Introduces LM Logs™ for Cloud-Based Log Intelligence

LogicMonitor is releasing LM Logs™ as a new cloud-based log intelligence product, according to a press release on the company’s website. The solution automatically analyzes all of an organization’s log data using machine learning and AIOps algorithms. This allows IT operations teams to uncover the root causes of alerts and predict issues before they disrupt the business.

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LogicMonitor gives organizations the ability to discover all network devices and interfaces through its agentless SaaS-based network monitoring solution. Through alerts and interface metrics, users are given greater visibility into error rates, network usage, and throughput. With support for a variety of different technologies, IT teams can collect and analyze network performance data from all of their networking gear. In addition to switches, routers, and firewalls, LogicMonitor can also cover cloud and hybrid IT environments.

LM Logs™ came about as a result of LogicMonitor’s acquisition of the log analytics company Unomaly in January 2020. The solution automatically collects logs from all components of an organization’s IT infrastructure and intelligently analyzes logs to highlight anomalous events using algorithms. Key log events are correlated with metrics in LogicMonitor’s IT infrastructure monitoring solution, providing deep insights that show users why issues occur.

In the company’s press release, LogicMonitor’s CEO Kevin McGibben stated: “LM Logs™ eliminates manual processes of what used to take hours, days or weeks to understand the intelligence in log data. LM Logs™ surfaces meaningful log data automatically and makes it available in the context of existing troubleshooting workflows. LM Logs™ helps businesses recover time spent context-switching between log file management and monitoring tools, and empowers IT operations teams with the insights they need to resolve issues quickly so they can focus on the customer experience instead.”

Learn more about LM Logs™ here.

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