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LogicMonitor Releases Updates for AIOps Early Warning System

LogicMonitor Releases Updates for AIOps Early Warning System

LogicMonitor Releases Updates for AIOps Early Warning System

LogicMonitor is enhancing its LM Intelligence AIOps early warning system, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor is adding support for seasonality and rate of change to improve on LM Intelligence’s dynamic thresholds capabilities. With these new capabilities, LogicMonitor is better able to alert IT teams about performance anomalies so users can proactively prevent downtime.

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LogicMonitor’s Early Warning System detects warning signs and symptoms that precede issues, including performance patterns or anomalies, and warn users immediately. These early warnings trigger actions like integrations and custom scripts to stop issues from happening. The Early Warning System helps enterprises prevent outages, saving time and money by preventing critical network security and performance issues.

LM Intelligence’s dynamic thresholds can now detect patterns in performance, ensuring that alerts are triggered for anomalies outside of those patterns. With the new rate of change algorithms, the solution detects anomalies in the rate at which a metric value is changing as compared to its normal pattern. This enables users to identify issues before they result in a negative impact to the business.

In the company’s official press release, LogicMonitor’s Chief Product Officer Tej Redkar stated: “If static thresholds are not set or tuned well, dynamic thresholds will ensure alerts are triggered and silenced appropriately. If static thresholds are tuned well and enabled, dynamic thresholds will still defer to them. The addition of dynamic thresholds seasonality and rate of change support to the existing anomaly detection, forecasting and root cause analysis features of LM Intelligence mean that LogicMonitor customers now have access to the most advanced AIOps capabilities in the market.”

Read more about LM Intelligence here.

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