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More Than Half of IT Pros Don’t Know Their Own Network Configuration

More Than Half of IT Pros Don't Know Their Own Network Configuration

More Than Half of IT Pros Don't Know Their Own Network Configuration

According to research recently released by network management vendor Auvik Networks, more than half of IT pros don’t have knowledge of their own network configuration. This information comes from the 2021 Network Field Report, which surveyed 353 IT professionals on how they manage their networks. Auvik found that there are still critical network management knowledge gaps that can affect successful business operations.

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Auvik’s research revealed that 57 percent of IT professionals do not have complete knowledge of their network configuration. Worryingly, this is the same percentage as in 2015, and the percentage of those who have no knowledge of network configs doubled from three percent to six percent. A possible explanation is that 46 percent of IT pros report that their network configuration changes at least several times a week, indicating a network visibility gap.

Despite the lack of knowledge in configurations, IT professionals still report a high level of confidence in the state of their network to handle critical business tasks. A whopping 86 percent of respondents answered that they had high or very high confidence that their network could handle the needs of the business. Confidence overall has increased since 2015, showing that the network knowledge and visibility gaps are getting bigger.

In the company’s press release, Auvik Networks’ Chief Product Officer Alex Hoff stated: “It’s important that the network just works—all the time—so our report findings are concerning. Not only are companies falling down when it comes to basic network maintenance but they’re also wasting significant time on manual tasks that could be automated. It all adds up to inefficiencies and network risks that really don’t need to be there when there are so many viable software options that can easily solve those problems.”

Download your copy of the 2021 Network Field Report here.

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