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Network Performance: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Network Performance: 5 Questions You Need To Ask

Network Performance: 5 Questions You Need To Ask

Most enterprises already know that it’s important to know how their network is performing. Because they use it on a daily basis, they understand that bad network performance can be disastrous for their company. They, however, might only understand network performance as a series of numbers that simply needs to increase or decrease, depending on the metric. This isn’t really the case, as any network team can attest to.

To actually understand network performance, IT professionals need to monitor, track, and proactively improve their network. This includes asking questions about their network and how it’s currently performing. These questions get to the root of performance problems and give teams valuable insights into their infrastructure. They’re also questions that any company using a network performance monitor (NPM) would want the answer to. Below, we’ve listed five network performance questions your enterprise needs to ask.

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Am I reaching my network performance baseline?

One of the first steps for any network teams is establishing a baseline for their network’s performance. Baselines inform the enterprise how their network typically behaves, which is useful in determining when it’s falling behind. Your enterprise should establish a baseline after setting up a network, and then again after installing new hardware. This way, your business will always know when performance is dipping below expected levels.

Are any processes, apps, etc. chewing up network performance?

Many business-critical applications and workflows rely on the network to function properly. They can often drain a lot of network resources, dragging efficiency down. Your NPM can observe applications, processes, and workflows and look for those that hog bandwidth and data. It can then alert you to any process that’s using too much network data.

Is my network hardware up to speed?

Sometimes, performance issues can come from the hardware you have installed. This usually happens when you have outdated hardware or a node is at risk of failing (or has failed). Your NPM can monitor devices on the network to determine if any problems originate from a malfunctioning or old device.

Is the network stable at every area of my network?

Enterprise networks are often huge, covering a large area to reach every employee in the company. Performance might be spotty at various locations due to bottlenecks or poor routing, for example. NPMs are built to provide the network team with full visibility into their network, letting you know of any areas of the network are performing worse than others.

Do I have full visibility into my network performance?

Performance is a multi-faceted concept, with several different factors affecting it. An effective NPM will examine multiple different potential causes of ineffective performance to accurately determine what could be affecting your network. A network team needs valuable insights into their network in order to maintain full visibility into how their network is operating.

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