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Network Threat Detection: How to Find Hidden Malware on Your Network

Network Threat Detection: How to Find Hidden Malware on Your Network

Network Threat Detection: How to Find Hidden Malware on Your Network

Networks, just like any technology, are susceptible to security threats. The ever-changing world of malware and security solutions means that companies need to be prepared to deal with threats at every angle. An enterprise needs to be prepared to defend against threats like malware as they access your infrastructure. However, this doesn’t address threats that have already entered your network and are lying in wait to strike. That’s where network threat detection comes in.

Network threat detection provides companies with the ability to discover malware that’s hidden on their network. Rather than just preventing threats from entering the network, threat detection solutions scan your network to look for threat actors that have already breached your enterprise. Why is this important for network security? Read on to discover what network threat detection provides for enterprises and how it can help you discover and eliminate malware on your network.

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What is network threat detection?

A network threat detection system examines your network for malware and other threats that are currently lurking on your network. The system looks for suspicious network behavior or files that don’t belong on the network. When it detects a potential threat, it alerts your enterprise to the situation and, depending on the solution, may take action to remediate the threat.

If malware has entered your network undetected by your endpoint security or firewalls, your company will be blind to it before it makes its presence known. With a detection system, you can always be on the hunt for malware that’s invaded your network.

What does a detection solution look for?

Network threat detection systems use various methods and techniques to discover threats lurking in your network. Many detection solutions analyze network traffic to look for suspicious behavior. For example, unusual spikes in traffic might indicate the presence of malware or a DDoS attack. Others check your network device configurations to ensure that there aren’t any unnecessary or dangerous files on your network’s nodes.

How do I implement a threat detection solution for my network?

Threat detection software and solutions exist on the market to allow enterprises the ability to find suspicious actors in their infrastructure. One such solution is network detection and response (NDR), a relatively new network security solution. NDR tools discover threats on a network and administers automated incident responses based on the kind of threats it finds. An NDR solution is equipped to analyze every potential threat it discovers; based on this analysis, the tool knows what types of responses will be effective in stopping the threat.

A network intrusion detection system (NIDS) is another viable option for discovering hidden network threats. NIDS tools analyze network traffic for malicious behavior and other signs that a threat has entered your system. A NIDS solution compliments other security tools by helping to monitor local network traffic.

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