SolarWinds Announces Updates for Web Performance Monitoring Solution

SolarWinds Announces Updates for Web Performance Monitoring Solution

Source: SolarWinds Web Performance Monitoring

Today, IT management solution provider SolarWinds announced updates to their web performance monitoring (WPM) solutions, Web Performance Monitor 3.0 and Pingdom. Web Performance Monitor, which is part of SolarWinds’ Orion Platform, tracks the performance of internally-developed websites and web-based applications. The updates, which are available immediately, are designed to make it easier for users with complex IT infrastructures, including hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments, to observe website and web application performance.

Some of the updates to Web Performance Monitor 3.0 include improved synthetic user monitoring to help improve web application performance; users can also monitor website and web app performance from inside their firewall through SolarWinds’ single-pane management system. SolarWinds also improved their integrated view to make troubleshooting easier for IT teams.

“At SolarWinds, we’re dedicated to providing today’s tech pros with the solutions they need to do their jobs effectively as the businesses they support evolve,” said Jim Hansen, SolarWinds’ vice president of products, application management. “By offering web performance monitoring products that complement one another while also solving varied use cases, we’re meeting the unique needs of tech pros across all tech environments in multiple ways. Whether you’re a systems administrator in IT operations owning website availability and performance, or you’re the web application owner responsible for overall user experience, SolarWinds provides support for diverse web performance monitoring needs.”

For Pingdom, SolarWinds has added new website application performance monitoring features through these updates. The new transaction check sleep function monitors transactions on a network to check for timed pauses, reducing the possibility of a failed transaction. In addition, the updates introduce some quality-of-life upgrades as well, including customizable and actionable alerts and flexible maintenance windows.

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