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Splunk Acquires Network Performance Monitoring Vendor Flowmill

Splunk Acquires Network Performance Monitoring Vendor Flowmill

Splunk Acquires Network Performance Monitoring Vendor Flowmill

Splunk has announced that it entered an agreement to acquire network performance monitoring vendor Flowmill, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor will add Flowmill’s capabilities to its existing observability suite that lets companies ingest, analyze, and take action on additional cloud network and infrastructure data. The acquisition is expected to close during Splunk’s fiscal fourth quarter; financial terms were not disclosed.

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In the company’s press release, Splunk’s CTO Tim Tully stated: “Observability technology is rapidly increasing in both sophistication and ability to help organizations revolutionize how they monitor their infrastructure and applications. Flowmill’s innovative NPM solution provides real-time observability into network behavior and performance of distributed cloud applications, leveraging extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technologies. We’re excited to bring Flowmill’s visionary NPM technology into our Observability Suite as Splunk continues to deliver best-in-class observability capabilities to our customers.”

Splunk offers IT operations and application performance monitoring solutions designed to predict and prevent application performance problems. The platforms provide a view of the high-level health and performance of applications and services. It also lets users dive deeper into investigations to help predict outages and find the root cause of a problem faster. Splunk’s machine learning capabilities can detect patterns to help baseline and automatically adapt behaviors for better monitoring and incident prediction.

Flowmill founder and CEO added: “Flowmill’s approach to building systems that support full-fidelity, real-time, high-cardinality ingestions and analysis aligns well with Splunk’s vision for observability. We’re thrilled to join Splunk and bring eBPF, next-generation NPM to the Splunk Observability Suite.”

Learn more about the Spunk-Flowmill acquisition here.

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