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The Best Application Security Books on Amazon for Your Bookshelf

We listed the best application security books on Amazon that you should consider adding to your reading list.

Monitoring application security is a critical task for businesses that need to maintain operational security for clients. To keep up with the rising demands of customers for secure application services, ensuring your applications have the proper security protocols in place is a top priority. There are few resources that can match the in-depth, comprehensive detail of one of the best application security titles on Amazon.

The editors at Solutions Review have done much of the work for you, curating this list of the best application security titles on Amazon. These books have been selected based on the total number and quality of reader user reviews and ability to add business value. Each of the titles listed in this compilation meets a minimum criteria of a 4-star-or-better ranking.

Below, you will find a library of titles from recognized industry analysts, experienced practitioners, and subject matter experts spanning the depths of application security and management. This compilation includes publications for practitioners of all skill levels.

Note: Titles are listed in no particular order.

4 Application Security Monitoring Books for Your Bookshelf

BOOK TITLE: Web Application Security

OUR TAKE: This book by Salesforce senior security engineer Andrew Hoffman covers common vulnerabilities for web applications, essential application hacking techniques, developing and deploying customized exploits, hacking mitigations, and integrating best practices for secure coding.

Description: This practical guide provides both offensive and defensive security concepts that software engineers can easily learn and apply. Andrew Hoffman, a senior security engineer at Salesforce, introduces three pillars of web application security: recon, offense, and defense. You’ll learn methods for effectively researching and analyzing modern web applications—including those you don’t have direct access to. You’ll also learn how to break into web applications using the latest hacking techniques. Finally, you’ll learn how to develop mitigations for use in your own web applications to protect against hackers. This is a book that will not only aid you in learning how to defend your web application against hackers, but will also walk you through the steps hackers take in order to investigate and break into a web application.


BOOK TITLE: Pentesting Azure Applications

OUR TAKE: This is the perfect resource for MIcrosoft Azure users who need to secure their applications. The author, Matt Burrough, is a senior penetration tester with a bachelor’s degree in networking, security, and system administration and a master’s degree in computer science.

Description: A comprehensive guide to penetration testing cloud services deployed in Microsoft Azure, the popular cloud computing service provider used by numerous companies large and small. The book covers security issues related to multi-factor authentication and management certificates Packed with real-world examples from the author’s experience as a corporate penetration tester, sample scripts from pen-tests and “Defenders Tips” that explain how companies can reduce risk, Pentesting Azure Applications provides a clear overview of how to effectively perform security tests so that you can provide the most accurate assessments possible. Matt Burrough is a Senior Penetration Tester on a corporate red team at a large software company where he assesses the security of cloud computing services and internal systems. He frequently attends hacker and information security conferences.


BOOK TITLE: The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook

OUR TAKE: The second edition of this book by PortSwigger founder and CEO Dafydd Stuttard and application and database security professional Marcus Pinto covers new technologies and techniques on defending web applications from attacks and breaches. 

Description: Web applications are the front door to most organizations, exposing them to attacks that may disclose personal information, execute fraudulent transactions, or compromise ordinary users. This practical book has been completely updated and revised to discuss the latest step-by-step techniques for attacking and defending the range of ever-evolving web applications. You’ll explore the various new technologies employed in web applications that have appeared since the first edition and review the new attack techniques that have been developed, particularly in relation to the client side. Focusing on the areas of web application security where things have changed in recent years, this book is the most current resource on the critical topic of discovering, exploiting, and preventing web application security flaws.


BOOK TITLE: Securing DevOps

OUR TAKE: Security architect and DevOps advocate Julien Vehent, leader of the Firefox Operations Security team at Mozilla, provides an approach to continuous security by implementing test-driven security, security techniques for cloud services, and responding to incidents.

Description: This introductory book reviews the latest practices used in securing web applications and their infrastructure and teaches you techniques to integrate security directly into your product. You’ll also learn the core concepts of DevOps, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure as a service. Securing DevOps teaches you the essential techniques to secure your cloud services. Using compelling case studies, it shows you how to build security into automated testing, continuous delivery, and other core DevOps processes. This experience-rich book is filled with mission-critical strategies to protect web applications against attacks, deter fraud attempts, and make your services safer when operating at scale.


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