ThousandEyes Introduces Synthetic Application Performance Monitoring

ThousandEyes Introduces Synthetic Application Performance Monitoring

Source: ThousandEyes Synthetics

Network intelligence and monitoring solutions provider ThousandEyes recently announced ThousandEyes Synthetics, an Internet-aware synthetic monitoring tool designed to address application performance issues. This solution introduces synthetic transaction monitoring capabilities and Internet awareness to help users monitor the performance of modern applications, no matter what technologies they rely on.

“Traditional synthetic monitoring solutions simply don’t cut it in today’s Internet-dependent, cloud-centric ecosystem,” said Joe Vaccaro, ThousandEyes’ VP of Product. “An app-centric view with no knowledge of the underlying dependencies leaves IT, Digital Ops and service delivery teams dead in the water while troubleshooting application performance issues. ThousandEyes Synthetics enables both SaaS app owners and IT teams to deliver and deploy with confidence knowing they will be able to quickly identify exactly what’s causing any issues in end-user digital experience regardless of where the issue lies, eliminating massive business continuity risks.”

Synthetics combines deep active monitoring with insights gathered from synthetic monitoring technologies that simulate user behavior. With this solution, users can proactively discover and fix application performance issues before they affect actual users. You can also identify the root causes of application performance problems that originate in the cloud or the Internet, extending APM functions to the modern application.

“The limitations presented by traditional synthetics in a digital transforming enterprise landscape is what motivated us to introduce ThousandEyes Synthetics,” ThousandEyes’ Director of Product Marketing Archana Kesavan stated in a blog post detailing the solution. ThousandEyes Synthetics with browser synthetic monitoring provides a holistic understanding of end-to-end application or website performance and business transactions with a tight correlation to cloud infrastructure and Internet behavior.”

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