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VIAVI Updates Observer Platform with 60 Gbps Data Packet Capture Rate

VIAVI Updates Observer Platform with 60 Gbps Data Packet Capture Rate

VIAVI Updates Observer Platform with 60 Gbps Data Packet Capture Rate

VIAVI Solutions is releasing an updated version of the Observer platform to increase network visibility, according to a press release on the company’s website. The latest version, Observer 18, provides hardware and software updates that deliver faster data packet analysis and more operational efficiency, among other benefits.

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The VIAVI Solutions Observer platform, comprised of Apex, GigaStor, and GigaFlow, delivers network visibility to NetOps and SecOps teams to help manage daily IT operations, mitigate risks, and solve performance and security issues. VIAVI is a veteran network monitoring vendor, delivering wire data capture with its GigaStor appliance. Recently, VIAVI also has added flow-based analysis with its GigaFlow solution to help organizations gain insights into network infrastructure devices and corresponding IP addresses, MAC addresses, and usernames.

Key updates introduced with Observer 18 include a custom-designed hardware platform that can handle up to 60 Gbps capture rate and analytics, providing industry-leading speeds of data packet access and analysis. VIAVI has also improved the hardware design to drive efficiency, with size reduction and lower power consumption. The vendor has also added unique end user experience scoring capabilities and unified flow and packet data to enable users to move to in-depth forensic analysis.

In the company’s press release, VIAVI’s Senior Director of Enterprise and Cloud Charles Thompson said: “As enterprise workforces and users become more distributed, and rely on applications located in multiple clouds, the resulting any-to-any networking model is susceptible to performance and security challenges. Observer 18 empowers stakeholders from business leaders to level 3 support with customizable, streamlined workflows and intuitive visualizations, based on the most complete data set available. When they take control, they can guarantee that both work and learning can happen, wherever it needs to happen.”

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